NVXui 14 Pro MTZ THEME and How To Apply MTZ Theme

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Title NVXui 14 Pro
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Official account: NVX Themes Telegram: @nvxthemes (feedback) ************* Reminder: If there is any abnormality after applying the theme globally (the status bar does not change, the lock screen does not take effect, etc.), please restart the phone to solve it! ************* [Depth of field wallpaper] is the design highlight of this theme (depth of field wallpaper is a part of the time that the wallpaper will cover, and the time is very beautiful as if it is integrated into the wallpaper). To ensure the full effect of the theme, please apply the theme globally. The theme has built-in 8 depth-of-field wallpapers, which can be switched in the lock screen setting interface, and the desktop wallpaper will be synchronized with the lock screen wallpaper. ************* Join our telegram channel for complete details of this theme - ⚠ Please do not copy the theme and copyrighted with attached files inside the theme with psd fle, otherwise you will be held legally responsible.
Designer NVX Themes
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Tags Widget, Simple, UI, Dynamic lock screen,
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