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This time mtzfile shares 浓米派MiOS探索版 THEME for Xiaomi, MI, Redmi, Poco and other android Smartphones that use MIUI. This 浓米派MiOS探索版 THEME has an attractive look and design that makes our MIUI phone feel like a completely different device. This 浓米派MiOS探索版 THEME can run well on all MIUI smartphones.

See the preview of the 浓米派MiOS探索版 THEME, very interesting isn't it?

Thanks to 浓米粥(QQ群:378157016) for creating valuable artwork to beautify the look of our MIUI devices.

Here is the data regarding this 浓米派MiOS探索版 THEME

Title: 浓米派MiOS探索版

Message: 0.小图标,适合布局(大图标请用本主题系列其他版本); 1.完善的锁屏与时间模块,可自定义字体大小、颜色与背景; 2.锁屏和桌面时钟有秒,阳历与农历日期格式可有多种选择; 3.时钟里面,夜晚的月亮会随阴历变化,并且带多日图标的天气预报; 4.全面的日程、重大节日、当日步数、方向和电量,并且还能用自定义代码; 5.锁屏和桌面还有可随天气变化的水滴、雨雪等动态效果; 6支持缩放锁屏和桌面时钟内的时间及日期和天气字体大小; 7.可任意滑屏解锁,有天气信息,可下拉日历及上拉快捷应用; 8.提供6组自定义图组可自动轮播,有双击和自动轮播模式,还有仿息屏模式。 9.支持桌面图标多布局,可在5*6~10x14之间选择(初次使用会破坏原有布局,需要重新调整)。

Author: 浓米粥(QQ群:378157016)

Designer: 浓米粥(QQ群:378157016)

Category: THEME

Region/Server: CN

Region Free Status: false

Tags: 天气时钟, 5x7, 多布局, 多功能锁屏, 指南针, 动态, 半透明, 轮播, 贴图, DIY,

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The non-root & non-UBL main method
This method does not require root or ubl, just use the "Chaome Theme Editor" or "Theme Swap (MyThemer)" app. You can download "ChaoMe Theme Editor" or "Theme Swap (MyThemer)" app on Play Store or search on search engine website. just try to be sure ( MIUI Theme Editor Video Tutorial )

The second method requires root access and Xposed framework
This method only works on MIUI 8 and below, to use this method you need root access. as we know to have root access, we must first unlock the smartphone bootloader, especially for the latest smartphones. After that, install the Xposed framework and make sure its running then install this module on the Xposed framework: For MIUI8 and above version or For MIUI7 or below version

The third method is to use Custom Rom (Unlocked Bootloader)
If you buy an Android smartphone on the market today, most of the bootloaders are locked bootloader. Well, you know, Android is an open operating system? Why is the bootloader locked? This happens because the vendor wants its users to keep using the Android OS version that they have designed for their devices. With a locked bootloader, our access to smartphones is very limited. So for flashing the kernel, custom rom, and custom recovery we have to unlock the bootloader first. If we have done this, our access to smartphones is unlimited, we can freely flash custom rom, custom kernel and custom recovery.
This method is the most effective method for all MIUI versions. This method may require Unlocked Bootloader because newer smartphones have to do it in order to install custom recovery like twrp to install custom rom. To use this most effective method, please use a modified MIUI rom such as miuiam, globerom, xiaomieu, miuipro, etc. If you have installed the modified MIUI ROM, you only need to install the theme in the default theme application as usual.

For other methods, please search on Google or in related forums, use the method that you think is the most effective, simplest and safest.

The Early History of the Xiaomi Company And Its Development

Sejarah Awal Perusahaan Xiaomi Dan Perkembangannya Pranata Printing

Who doesn't know the giant smartphone manufacturer from China named Xiaomi? Yes, all smartphone users must know how Xiaomi was able to break into the market in Indonesia. Now Xiaomi has grown rapidly to become one of the big companies in Beijing engaged in electronics and software. Actually, how is the story or history of the Xiaomi company to reach its present glory? Come on, see the following brief review!

The History of the Xiaomi Company

Xiaomi comes from the Buddhist concept, namely xiao which means a grain of Buddhist rice that is as big as a mountain and noodles are synonyms of internet cellphones or an unfinished mission. The founder named Lei Jun found the word interesting before establishing this technology-based company. He invited his colleagues to build the Xiaomi company.

The history of the Xiaomi company began in April 2010 when six of Lei Jun's colleagues decided to join. They were selected partners who helped Xiaomi secure funding from Singapore-owned Temasek Holdings, IDG Capital, Qiming, and Qualcomm processors. Here are 6 of Lei Jun's colleagues who helped grow the Xiaomi company.

  1. Lin Bin, vice president of Google China Institute of Engineering
  2. Dr Zhou Guangping, senior director of Motorola Beijing R&D center
  3. Liu De, head of the department of industrial design at Beijing University of Science and Technology
  4. Li Wanqiang, general manager of Kingsoft Dictionary
  5. Wong Kong-Kat, development manager
  6. Hong Feng, Google China production manager
  7. Wang Chuan

Xiaomi successfully released the first Android phone based on MIUI OS on August 16, 2010.

Xiaomi Company's Development from Year to Year

Everyone must admire the history of the Xiaomi company which has been running for almost a decade. Since releasing the first mobile phone in 2010, Xiaomi has continued to innovate and improve on every smartphone series it launches. In 2011, the Xiaomi Mi 1 which was equipped with MIUI OS similar to Samsung's TouchWiz and Apple's iOS managed to win people's hearts. The Xiaomi company continues to produce smartphones with the latest technology.

In 2012, they launched the Xiaomi Mi 2 and the phone managed to sell 10 million units on September 24, 2013. An extraordinary achievement for the history of the Xiaomi company which has only been established for two years.

There are many plans that Lei Jun revealed about the manufacture of 47-inch smart TVs assembled by Sony manufacturing company in Taiwan, the announcement of the Mi 3, the plan to open the first service in Beijing, and managed to set a record as the fifth most used mobile phone in China with a total sold 18.7 units at the end of 2013.

The Xiaomi company continues to make significant movements by conducting extensive marketing to various countries, one of which is Indonesia. Not only selling smart phone products, the history of the Xiaomi company has printed many modern technological products such as electric scooters, smart TVs, and headphones. Xiaomi is also expanding by selling equipment, bags to towels and toothbrushes. Cool, isn't it?

The Key to Success of Xiaomi Company

Everyone should know the history of the Xiaomi company which did not get success as easy as turning the palm of the hand. In order to reduce costs in marketing, Xiaomi sells products online in the first instance. The Xiaomi company does not have outlets and they run a traditional marketing system through advertising and word of mouth social networks.

Lei Jun said that the success capital of Xiaomi company is maintaining supply control or providing cheaper goods with fast and limited sales. This means that the availability of goods does not always exceed the demand in the market. The Xiaomi company always listens to customer complaints, tests future features and builds a sizeable online community. The key to success that brought the history of the Xiaomi company to be one of the biggest in China.

Now Xiaomi is still making technological developments and innovations that suit the needs of modern society. It's no wonder that the company which earned the nickname Chinese Phoenix and managed to exceed the revenue target of RMB 100 billion in just 7 years.

That's the history of the Xiaomi company since its inception to be counted as a leading technology company in the world. So, do you have a brilliant idea to start your own business?