Old Man 3x5 Cake MTZ LIVE_WALLPAPER and How To Apply MTZ Theme

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Title Old Man 3x5 Cake
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1. Supports 28 commonly used languages including the United States Britain Germany Japan Korea India Indonesia Vietnam Thailand Russia Ukraine Serbian and Arabic; 2. The moon will change according to the lunar calendar at night and there will also be comprehensive weather information with effects such as clouds and rain. 3. Support scaling the time date and weather font size in the lock screen and desktop clock; 4. Supports multi-functional variable codes and control codes which can customize background font color size scaling position etc. for all content. 5. You can slide the screen to unlock at will with weather information calendar pull-down and quick application pull-up; 6. Provides 6 custom picture groups that can be automatically rotated including double-click and automatic rotation modes as well as a simulated screen mode. 7. Supports multiple layouts of desktop icons which can be selected between 3*4~8*16 (the original layout will be destroyed when use
Designer Nong Style(@NongStyle)
Tags 3D, Widget, Colorful, Man, Cookie, Premium,
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