Cute Carpet Bear MTZ THEME and How To Apply MTZ Theme

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Title Cute Carpet Bear
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Lock screen dynamic effect : 1. Swipe left and right to switch layouts Layout 1, 2, and 3 include: time, New Year countdown, water check-in, and phone shortcuts. Layout 1: The middle image can be switched by double clicking. 3. Layout 2: Double click the dialog box to switch between image groups. 4. Layout 4: Includes shortcut keys, Today's Remaining, double-click on the character in the countdown to switch images, and double-click on the image in the upper left center to switch images. 5. Layout 5: Includes three music scores that can be played freely. 6. Click on the time to turn on/off the dynamic. 7. It contains charging effects. Click on the screen to turn off the charging effects. IP licensing image : The copyright of the blanket bear belongs to Sanrio Co., Ltd., and Liou Brand Planning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is responsible for commodity licensing in Chinese Mainland. Unlock method : swipe up to unlock!
Designer Mylafe
Category THEME
Tags Yellow, Dynamic lock screen, Cute, Charging animation,
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