Cat Cat Christmas MTZ ICONS and How To Apply MTZ Theme

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Title Cat Cat Christmas
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Theme highlights 1. Right swipe to switch lock screen layout; 2. Component interface: Double click the snowman switch in the upper left corner and snowflakes will fall; 3. Click on the number in the birthday module to customize the birthday countdown; 4. Display charging effects; Exquisite Theme Welcome everyone to give us suggestions and questions. We will work hard to help you solve them~ 【 Shichuang Internet 】 Shichuang s products must be exquisite; 【 Icon 】 Perfectly compatible with commonly used third-party icons by users; 【 Interface 】 Perfect depth adaptation across all interfaces; 【 Unlock Method 】 Slide upwards to unlock;
Designer Shichuanghulian
Category ICONS
Tags Cat, Christmas, UI, Red,
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