Cloud Valley MTZ THEME and How To Apply MTZ Theme

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Title Cloud Valley
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If you also like valleys and clouds then this theme will provide you with the best experience. -Built-in lockwallpapers in three color schemes - ultra-clear real images taken at the same location in different seasons. -Double-tap the bottom of the lock screen "Cloud Valley" to open the settings page; double-tap the flashlight or camera icon to open the quick functions. -Settings page: switch time fonts toggle widgets toggle animations etc. √Semi-transparent desktop clock: double-tap the top left or top right buttons to switch colors. √Cyan and red-toned dark icons: designed with subtle shadows to highlight texture better with dark wallpapers. √Status bar √System √Home screen
Designer Liyani
Category THEME
Tags Horizontal digital clock, Lock screen side menu, Green, Cloud, Mountain, Widget,
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