realX Legacy MTZ THEME and How To Apply MTZ Theme

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Title realX Legacy
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Presenting realX Legacy by Shivank Jaiswal Highlights - •Lockscreen with Fingerprint-on-display Animation including OnePlus Ripple & PacMan edition •Homescreen with new realmeUI 3D Designes Icons •realmeUI Inspired Quick Settings (MIUI 11 Shade) •realmeUI Styled Settings UI Tutorial for Customisation for Lockscreen - •Move on to Lockscreen & Swipe Up •Click on the Visible Settings Icon & You Will be directed to Customisation Page Recommended Font - OnePlus Slate or Oppo Sans For Bug Reports or Feedback Contact at Telegram Group - Stay up-to-date by Joining Telegram Themes Channel -
Designer Shivank Jaiswal
Category THEME
Tags Stock, Clean, Android, Iconic, Fingerprint,
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