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This time mtzfile shares MBE 剑 THEME for Xiaomi, MI, Redmi, Poco and other android Smartphones that use MIUI. This MBE 剑 THEME has an attractive look and design that makes our MIUI phone feel like a completely different device. This MBE 剑 THEME can run well on all MIUI smartphones.

See the preview of the MBE 剑 THEME, very interesting isn't it?

Thanks to 予风 for creating valuable artwork to beautify the look of our MIUI devices.

Here is the data regarding this MBE 剑 THEME

Title: MBE 剑

Message: 使用须知: 动态化锁屏,带来不一样的酷炫。 图标:全局MBE风格图标,极致黑红撞色设计, 第三方图标暂时适配不多,但是将来会有的! 全局:多个界面适配:便签,时钟等界面。 全局黑白灰极致简约,MBE风格提示框点缀不凡。 文件管理:深度优化文件管理,优化大量图标细节, 欢迎试用体验。 感谢使用, 唯一售后以及交流群:547040020 群内还有DIY编辑器教程以及个人优化版主题编辑器 欢迎加群体验

Author: 予风

Designer: 予风

Category: THEME

Region/Server: CN

Region Free Status: false

Tags: 酷黑, MBE, 简约, 清新, 灰色, 格调, 极致, 圆图标,

Views: 9

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If the theme is not available for your miui version, you can still install this theme on your miui version. Advice just choose for the oldest miui version for better compatibility.

If you like this theme or website, please share this website so that this website can continue to run.

The non-root & non-UBL main method
This method does not require root or ubl, just use the "Chaome Theme Editor" or "Theme Swap (MyThemer)" app. You can download "ChaoMe Theme Editor" or "Theme Swap (MyThemer)" app on Play Store or search on search engine website. just try to be sure ( MIUI Theme Editor Video Tutorial )

The second method requires root access and Xposed framework
This method only works on MIUI 8 and below, to use this method you need root access. as we know to have root access, we must first unlock the smartphone bootloader, especially for the latest smartphones. After that, install the Xposed framework and make sure its running then install this module on the Xposed framework: For MIUI8 and above version or For MIUI7 or below version

The third method is to use Custom Rom (Unlocked Bootloader)
If you buy an Android smartphone on the market today, most of the bootloaders are locked bootloader. Well, you know, Android is an open operating system? Why is the bootloader locked? This happens because the vendor wants its users to keep using the Android OS version that they have designed for their devices. With a locked bootloader, our access to smartphones is very limited. So for flashing the kernel, custom rom, and custom recovery we have to unlock the bootloader first. If we have done this, our access to smartphones is unlimited, we can freely flash custom rom, custom kernel and custom recovery.
This method is the most effective method for all MIUI versions. This method may require Unlocked Bootloader because newer smartphones have to do it in order to install custom recovery like twrp to install custom rom. To use this most effective method, please use a modified MIUI rom such as miuiam, globerom, xiaomieu, miuipro, etc. If you have installed the modified MIUI ROM, you only need to install the theme in the default theme application as usual.

For other methods, please search on Google or in related forums, use the method that you think is the most effective, simplest and safest.