Sanrio Family Tile MTZ THEME and How To Apply MTZ Theme

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Title Sanrio Family Tile
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Lock screen dynamic effect : 1. Swipe left and right to switch between wallpaper layout and component layout. 2. Double click on the time to turn on/off the sidebar in wallpaper layout. 3. Wallpaper layout: Click the sidebar layout button to switch between the middle copy layout and avatar layout. 4. Drag the sidebar size button to adjust the size of the avatar and character images in wallpaper layout (you need to click the layout button to switch to wallpaper layout 2 for use). 5. Click on the Melody avatar carousel in the component layout and randomly decide. IP authorization image : Official authorization from Sanrio Unlocking method : slide up to unlock
Designer Mylafe
Category THEME
Tags Pink, Charging animation, Dynamic lock screen, Cute, Hello Kitty,
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