hatty爱的信笺(多功能锁屏,iOS解锁,音乐界面,自由桌面) MIUI THEME and How To Apply MIUI Theme

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Title hatty爱的信笺(多功能锁屏,iOS解锁,音乐界面,自由桌面)
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Message From Designer "★★特别注意事项★★:该主题包含自定义的密码锁屏,这种设密码锁屏不同于系统密码锁屏,请勿依赖该密码锁屏保障系统安全!! ¤╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╮ ╱◥██◣ ╭╭ ⌒╮ |田|田田| ╰-------------- ╬╬╬╬╬ ╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬ ◤☞愿时光匆匆流去,我们还是彼此眼中的彼此☜◢ ❤解锁方式❤向右滑动锁屏左下角鱼缸进入解锁界面,双击右边小兔子进入多功能锁屏 ❤锁屏设置❤1.进入多功能锁屏界面后点击左上角小兔子进行自定义设置哦,2.或者点击桌面的“主题风格”图标—分类(混搭)—锁屏样式—我的—个性化定制当前锁屏——自定义——如选择锁屏设置,密码锁屏(默认密码1234)密码为四位纯数字,还可自定义时间 ❤音乐界面❤进入多功能锁屏后点击最后一个书签进入音乐界面 ❤自由桌面❤双指向下拉动主屏便可进入自由桌面;左右滑动即可切换界面,想添加图标,两指缩小屏幕,自由部件里添加即可 ❤如何联系我们❤ 关注新浪微博@52米小米 有配套百度皮分享!!如果对主题有意见或建议,可加QQ群1:212852556 QQ群2:466616968反馈 关注微信号:2480147441我们的微信朋友圈会有不定期的奖励和活动哦,想要惊喜吗?那就快快加入我们吧! ❤希望大家喜欢哦❤ "
Designer hatty
Category THEME
Region/Server CN
Region Free Status false
Tags 爱情, 萝莉, 文字, 卡通, 可爱, 白色, 格子,
Message from mtzfile

As many of us know, Xiaomi's MIUI allows us to customize its appearance to our heart's desire. That's why we're excited to introduce hatty爱的信笺(多功能锁屏,iOS解锁,音乐界面,自由桌面) THEME, a theme that has undergone extensive testing to ensure a smooth and seamless experience when applied to your MIUI device.

hatty爱的信笺(多功能锁屏,iOS解锁,音乐界面,自由桌面) THEME performs exceptionally well across various MIUI versions, especially MIUI 12, MIUI 13, and MIUI 14. Whether you're running the latest MIUI or sticking with an older version, you can trust hatty爱的信笺(多功能锁屏,iOS解锁,音乐界面,自由桌面) THEME to deliver a fantastic customization experience.

How to Apply MIUI Theme?

If your MIUI device provides an option to IMPORT THEMES within the built-in Theme app, typically available for all MIUI Global versions up to 11 and all MIUI China versions, you can easily apply themes. Here's how:

  1. Download the desired theme.
  2. Open the Theme Editor application.
  3. Import the downloaded theme into the Theme Editor app.
  4. Process the theme using the Theme Editor app.
  5. Open the built-in Theme app.
  6. Import the processed theme into the Theme app.
  7. Apply the theme.
  8. If you encounter a message like "Not Authorized," it means you need to register as an MIUI Theme Designer with a Xiaomi account linked to your MIUI device.

If your MIUI device does not offer the option to IMPORT THEMES, it is recommended to flash your device's ROM with a Custom MIUI ROM from Xiaomi.EU. We have tested that Xiaomi.EU ROMs can easily import and apply themes through the built-in Theme app. For Custom MIUI ROMs other than Xiaomi.EU, we have not conducted tests. Please Do With Your Own Risk (DWYOR).

For alternative methods, you can explore blogs or videos on how to install MIUI themes on Google or YouTube.

If you're using older MIUI versions such as MIUI 4, 5, 6, or 7 and have root access, you may want to enhance your customization options with the Xposed Framework Module. This module allows for deep system-level customization, including themes. It enables you to fully utilize the built-in theme functionality. You can download it here.

For MIUI 8 and 9 users with root access, the Xposed Framework Module is available to expand your customization possibilities. While it hasn't been tested on MIUI 10, it provides an excellent way to modify system-level aspects, including themes. Download it from this link.

If you're looking to edit MIUI themes, you'll find the MIUI Theme Editor Apk tutorial invaluable. Whether you're using MyThemer or other similar theme editing applications, this tutorial provides comprehensive guidance. Watch the tutorial on YouTube


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