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MTZFILE is a website that aims to share MIUI themes freely with direct link and official link. Get hundreds of thousands of quality MIUI theme collections for Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi, Poco and other Smartphones that use MIUI. You can search for themes from different versions of MIUI as well as from different regions. We provide MIUI themes from various MIUI versions, from old to newest. Available from MIUI 4 to MIUI 13.

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Have a zhuti.xiaomi.com theme link or a theme ID? Check instructions for downloading MIUI themes from zhuti.xiaomi.com.

mtzfile is a website that aims to share MIUI themes freely with direct link and official link. Get hundreds of thousands of quality MIUI theme collections for Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi, Poco and other Smartphones that use MIUI.

In contrast to the other store which imposes regional restrictions, mtzfile makes it easy to find the theme you want with an advanced search that you can set yourself. In other words mtzfile has a much more complete collection of MIUI themes than any site or application.

mtzfile does not require additional applications that will only burden the performance of your smartphone, you only need to visit the official URL of the mtzfile in your browser or you can find mtzfile in a search engine by simply typing "mtzfile".

Here is the Official URL for the mtzfile:

1. www.mtzfile.pw

2. www.mtzfile.com

3. www.mitheme.pw

Apart from that it's fake.

Please note that mtzfile may change the domain as needed, so follow the mtzfile FB page for the latest updates.

MIUI stands for Mobile Internet User Interface. Where the MIUI software was developed by a Chinese vendor, namely Xiaomi itself, to complement the User Interface of the android system running on their product.

As it is known that the 'Pure' Android system does not include a display like in several smartphone brands that carry their respective themes. Samsung, OPPO, Coolpad, Asus and other types each carry their own User Interface theme for their characteristics and also make it easier for users to interact with their mobile product. If you want to see how Android looks, it's actually very easy to find it, namely on AndroidOne, which is currently being produced by several smartphone vendors at low prices.

Back regarding MIUI, maybe you have once held a Samsung brand Android phone which is famous for its TouchWiz theme, then you borrow a Xiaomi brand friend's cellphone with MIUI in it, even though it will have the same Android version but you will definitely not find the display and menu order in both phones are the same because each manufacturer gives a different 'touch' to the layout and appearance.

MIUI itself is built with the Java, C and C ++ programming languages, the Monolithic kernel type, where the kernel is a modified version of the Linux kernel. MIUI has the GNU v3 General Public License as well as the Apache 2.0 License.

There are so many terms that exist in smartphone ROMs based on the Android system, which sometimes we might misunderstand the meaning of the term. Each of these ROMs comes from Google and the big difference from Stock Android / Pure Android is about how the ROM is used or what pre-installed applications have been provided then how to update via OTA (Over The Air ) is given. Maybe you have thought that everything is the same as Android, yes, but it's better not to beat it all the same, it's better if you also know the difference about Stock Android / Pure Android, Android One and Android Go First, let's find out what is meant by Stock ROM Android / Pure Android according to the admin, they are the same as Android-based ROMs that come from Google itself. Like the many custom ROMs available, each ROM has its own advantages and disadvantages. Then what is the fundamental difference from the rom - rom? Please see the full explanation below.

Know the Difference ROM Stock Android / Pure Android It should be noted that what is meant by the word ROM here refers to storage media on an Android device, ROM or Read Only Memory is hardware that can only be read (Read Only). But through the Flashing Process, you can write / fill in the data. This Stock Android can also be said with the term Pure Android (Pure) by Google's own maintainer for their devices. Because it is the maintainer (maintenance) directly by Google, for mobile devices they make such as Nexus and Pixel when there is an update or update directly without any delay from third parties. In Stock Android there is also no bloatware application installed, usually only applications from Google.

Why Not Pure Android? as we know that Android is the operating system that Google itself created. Because basically Android is an operating system that is open source, so smartphone manufacturers will add their own features like XIAOMI which has a ROM / OS called MIUI. Smartphone manufacturers also add applications from other vendors or sponsors which can be said to be the cause of the emergence of the term Bloatware. so MIUI ROM, ZEN UI, FUNTOUCH OS, Color OS and others can also be called Stock Android, but it's Stock Android only for the cellphone itself.